How is biodegradable cutlery manufactured? What is the process of making biodegradable cutlery? What is the most environmentally friendly cutlery? What is biodegradable cutlery made from? How are bamboo plates manufactured?

Rui Bamboo in the 134 Canton Fair

Bamboo is not just a green product, More with the Oriental charm.

Chongqing Rui Bamboo in this Canton Fair, Using this biodegradable bamboo fiber material Made of all kinds of disposable tableware. Within two days, it has received the attention of more than 200 overseas buyers.

 "In the past, maybe customers more focused on the price of the product. For two or three years right now, especially, after the epidemic, customers for their own health status, increased environmental demand for their own markets. Our products appear to be more competitive, even at a slightly higher price, customers are also acceptable.“, based on sales of Chongqing Rui Bamboo.

According to statistics, At the Canton Fair this year, About 430,000 green and low-carbon products are on display. More and more enterprises are specialized in green development. At the big stage of the Canton Fair, they lay a "green" background for the high-quality development of Chinese foreign trade.

Rui Bamboo in Canton Fair

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